Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide. There are people who hack a Facebook account and commit misdeeds. It can be frustrating when you hear from a friend that you have sent a message asking for money when you did not. Recovering a hacked Facebook account is easier than most people think. One of the easiest ways to recover it is by resetting your password on mobile.

  1. Open the Facebook app. The log-in page will welcome you if you have been kicked out of your account.
  1. Look for the FORGOT PASSWORD? button and click on it. It is right below the LOGIN button. If you cannot see the FORGOT PASSWORD? button, click on the NEED HELP? button first and a menu will open. Tap on FORGOT PASSWORD? from there. Tapping the button takes you to the password reset page.
  1. Input your email address or the phone number you used when you created your Facebook account. If you did not add your phone number to Facebook, then you can use your registered email address.
  1. Click on the blue SEARCH button below the text box. It will bring up your Facebook account.
  1. There are account recovery options you can choose from. Click on one and tap the blue CONTINUE button below the options.
  • via email

You will receive a reset code from Facebook via your registered email address.

  • via SMS

You will receive a reset code from Facebook via a text sent to your registered phone number.

  1. You will receive a reset code depending on your chosen method. Check your email inbox or your phone’s messages for the six-digit code and list it down.
  1. Go back to the Facebook reset page. You will see a text box saying ENTER YOUR SIX-DIGIT CODE. Enter the code from your email or text message. The code is only valid for a limited time. Make sure you do not take too long to input the code. If for some reason you were unable to enter the code on time, you can tap the RESEND CODE to get a new one.
  1. Tapping the CONTINUE button will submit your code and bring you to a new page.
  1. Make sure you check the LOG ME OUT OF OTHER DEVICES box before you click on the CONTINUE button. It will log out the hacker. Facebook will then prompt you to enter a new password. It will replace the old one and the hacker will no longer have access to it.